Anna Moll

CEO & Creative Director

Anna founded Molle&Korn to create the production company she always wanted to work for. One that always works in depth, doesn’t tread any well-trodden paths, thinks story and platform associatively and tells its customers the truth. She is the co-founder and executive creative director of Molle&Korn. She is also passionate about directing herself. Born in Rostock, she learned her trade at ARD’s London studio, BBC productions, and UFA LAB Berlin, among others. She studied television production and journalism at the University of Westminster in London. Even today, her work is characterized by a documentary, close-up view, which she combines with magical elements. Anna shares her knowledge of storytelling as a speaker at various conferences (including re:publica, media convention, what the plot, medianet events).

Catha Schmid

Head of Production

Catha is the Head of Production and what you would generally call the doer at Molle&Korn. She listens, thinks, pushes and makes sure that the ideas end up with the people.
After ten years in the big agencies of Germany, she wanted to implement more holistically and strategize less. As a freelance commercial producer, she has implemented the most stressful projects with the most impossible timings all over the world.
Plus, Catha is a mom and a pretty great person in private, too.

Maximilian Wiedenhofer

CD & Director

As Creative Director, Maximilian takes care of the conceptual development and the implementation of campaigns and films at Molle&Korn.
Born and raised in the forests of Bavaria, Maximilian finds his inspiration in pop culture counterculture, nature and zeitgeist phenomena. An affinity for surreal storytelling, authentically real moments, are reflected in his work as a director.
Maximilian is Creative Director at Molle&Korn and a Berlin-based director.

Anne Krüger

Junior Account Manager

Anne is from Berlin and has been working at Molle&Korn since 2020. She supports the production and administrative processes in the company. She also produced her first photo campaign for Molle&Korn in the winter of 2021. Anne has degrees in film studies and political sciences as well as in business administration. She thus belongs to the academic spearhead of the company and enriches Molle&Korn in a variety of areas.

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