Way Up There

Documentary series “Alpine Culinary”

There is actually no rational reason to be an alpine farmer. Life is full of privation, the profession determines everyday life, wages are scarce, survival is based on subsidies. Nevertheless, the young generation of the Alpine region is again choosing this life. In the three-part documentary series “Way Up There,” we show their motives, their self-determination, the special culinary and the communities they live in. We portray the dairy farmer family around Anna Moser, the cheesemaker community on the remote Außermelang Alm and the alpine chef Christoph Bickl.

I’ve actually always loved being in the barn with the cows,
but didn’t realize for a long time that I could do that as a career.

Anna Moser, 20 years old, farm owner

Episode 2: Florian Schwaninger – the cheesemaker works at an altitude of 1,866 m

Episode 3: Christoph Bickl – the star chef returns to alpine culinary

Director & Editor – Maren Langer
DoP – Jacob Sauermilch
1. AC – Christian Öhl
Executive Creative Director – Anna Moll
Head of Production – Max Michel
Producer – Gabriela Schild
Set PA – Miriam Heidegger & Noah Weiss
Photographer – Bert Heinzlmeier
Production Sound Mixer – Simone “Mo” Pischl
Sound Design / Musik / Mix – Ella Zwietnig & Florian Zwietnig
Color Grading & Finishing – Sergej Jurisdizkij

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